Board Introduction

Ridge Residents,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to your new HOA Board. Your Board consists of 7 members. Each member was also part of the previously operating Communications Committee.

Tyler Dickson – President
Tiffany Thomas – Vice President
Kim Carter – Secretary
Kim Polhemus – Treasurer
Alun Melton – Operations Chair
Nate Moser – Grounds Chair

Friends and neighbors, while we are so excited to have the HOA being operated in house; we have a few things to ask of you. As with any new undertaking, there will be hiccups. Please be patient with us. Please work with us to make our neighborhood the best it can be. Please give us an opportunity to serve you, earn your trust, and demonstrate our willingness and ability to effectively operate your Board – and not only improve, but maintain the highest level of integrity possible for our community. With your support and cooperation, we believe we can make this happen.

In order to maximize efficiency and financial security, we have decided to utilize an account management company to handle our finances and some other HOA functions. We have signed a 12 month contract with Neighborhood Services Corporation, located here, in Edmond. This company has a great reputation and has come highly recommended by many others. If you’d likemore information about this company, please visit

Our P.O. Box (30461) is still open, but NSC will have all of our mail forwarded to them from this point on. For anyone who has not paid HOA dues, please mail your check to 1322 Fretz Drive, Edmond, OK 73003 . Please note that your checks still need to be made payable to The Ridge on Penn HOA, Inc . In the event you receive your dues payment back, please mail it directly to NSC.

Dues for 2019 are to be paid no later than March 1, 2019. Not only are the payments obligatory, they are the primary mechanism by which the Board operates. Please make sure to get them paid on time.

Please note that while we do have control of our Association, we unfortunately DO NOT have any measure of control over BlockOne or 4Corners. Issues with them will need to be addressed with them directly. Complaints about how they maintain their lots or personal issues with your homes and or lots will require your communication with them. While we absolutely share your frustration on the matters, they simply are not in our scope of authority.

The Ridge website is up and running, but is still a work in progress. Once it’s fully functional, we will be posting lots of information on that site, including ball field schedules, pool rules, annual meeting minutes, social events and etc. The website is

Spring baseball is in full swing. Very recently, the new board determined that to best protect our residents and our neighborhood, they would be instituting a fee of $100 per team per season to help cover field maintenance and the liability portion of our insurance policy. Additionally, it is now a requirement for each team coach to sign a waiver of liability for their team.

Our first Annual Meeting will be in April 7, 2019 at 3:00pm. Location to be determined. Please put this date on your calendar.We will be implementing several committees. Stay tuned for more information on those. If you would like to serve on a committee, please let us know.

Because we believe that you should have access to your Board, please feel free to reach out to us through the website Contact Us page.


The Ridge HOA Board