• Annual Dues

Must be paid by March 1, each year.

Dues are $500.00 and payments can be mailed to:

The Ridge on Penn HOA
C/O Neighborhood Svcs
1326 Fretz Dr
Edmond, OK 73003

*make checks payable to The Ridge on Penn HOA

Dues can also be paid online at https://neighborhoodsplus.com/

Contact HOA Treasurer for your Account Number

  • CCR/Bylaws

You should have received a copy of our CCR/Bylaws at closing. If you did not, links to these can be found below or on the 4Corners website and on the Neighborhood Services website. Please read these carefully. All covenants are strictly enforced. If you have questions or concerns about the content of our CCR/Bylaws, please reach out to a Board member.

View Covenants and Restrictions

  • Facebook

We have a Facebook page. While it is not moderated by the Board, it is a good forum to pose questions to your neighbors and stay up to date on the more casual elements of our neighborhood. It is also a great resource for information on the broader Deer Creek community. 

  • Red Dirt Septic

RDS installed your septic system. Aerobic systems need to be maintained biannually and sprinklers should be going off during the midnight hours. Contact RDS for questions and service needs at 405-348-3478. https://www.reddirtseptic.com/

  • Architectural Review

All fences, sheds, shops, play structures, in-ground pools, additions to exterior structure and etc. must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to being installed on your lot. Please contact BlockOne to begin your approval process. See Article 3 (page 6) in your CCR for general requirements for prior approval.

  • Pool

Please contact any HOA Board member for the pool access code.  Pool hours are Tuesday – Sunday from dawn until dusk and Monday noon until dusk. The pool is for The Ridge Members only and all guests must be accompanied by a resident of The Ridge at all times.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Absolutely, no glass containers allowed at The Ridge pool.

  • Trash & Recycling

This service runs on Tuesdays. We DO NOT have a big trash day. Contact RDS, I. to receive bins for trash and recycling at 405-348-8411.

  •  Internet Service

Both AT&T and Cox service our area.

  •  Deer Creek Schools

Administration office: 405-348-6100 or www.deercreekschools.org

**Pre-K enrollment starts in January!